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The 2nd International Workshop on Carnot Batteries went online.

With great regret we decided to hold the event exclusively as a virtual workshop.

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Inexpensive and Site-independent
Energy Storage

The solution of the energy storage issue is an outstanding challenge to our society. The integration of intermittent sources of electric power from renewable energies into the future energy infrastructure requires storage capacities in gigawatt hours.

The site-independent and at the same time, inexpensive storage of electrical energy on the scale of a large city's daily consumption is of existential importance worldwide for the integration of renewable energy into a sustainable energy system of the future. The technology of the isentropic energy storage system represents a promising approach to solve this issue.

The Solution: Carnot Batteries

Carnot Batteries are an emerging technology for the inexpensive and site-independent storage of electric energy at gigawatt hour scale. Also referred to as “Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage” (PTES), “Pumped Heat Electricity Storage” (PHES) or “Electro-Thermal Energy Storage” (ETES), a Carnot Battery transforms electricity into heat, stores the heat in inexpensive storage media like water or molten salt and transforms the heat back to electricity when required.

They have the potential to solve the global storage problem of renewable electricity in a more economic and environmentally friendly way than conventional batteries.

Research Activities

The Carnot Battery's technology has been subject to intensive energy research over the last few years. There are many international research activities on a theoretical and experimental level and several concepts for Carnot batteries have been proposed. The increasing interest in this technology is also reflected in the founding of the IEA Storage Annex 36 “Carnot Batteries”.

The Workshop

The 2nd International Workshop on Carnot Batteries will bring together experts in energy storage, in particular thermal energy storage, to discuss the state of the art of research and demonstration of Carnot batteries.

In a two-day lecture programme, a broad overview of innovative research approaches will be provided, and topics of different Carnot battery concepts and their demonstration and integration into the power grid and sector coupling will be addressed. Numerous participants from science and industry have already confirmed their participation (see list of speakers). The workshop serves as an international platform to present latest results in Carnot batteries research and make them internationally visible.

The Programme

This year's programme will be mainly based on the presentation and discussion of submitted abstracts. In a review process, all submitted abstracts will be assessed by the reviewers with regard to thematic and qualitative suitability.

Your Contribution

There will be two forms of presentation:   

  • Presentations in plenary with discussion
  • Poster presentation in the poster exhibition



Online participation only!