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NEW! FLYER Agenda 2. International Workshop on Carnot Batteries

Germany belongs to the European countries that have Central European Summer time or Daylight Saving Time. For an exact determination of the time, we recommend you to check this website to make sure you will not miss anything.

TUESDAY, September 15, 2020
9:00 am* O P E N I N G
  André Thess, DLR, Germany
  Karsten Lemmer, DLR, Germany
9:20 am Introduction to the Workshop
  André Thess, DLR, Germany
10:00  am Sector Coupling the Essential Key to Decarbonization
  Raymond C. Decorvet, MAN Energy Solutions Schweiz AG, Switzerland
10:30 am StoreToPower - Pilot plant for the development of a heat storage power plant
  Arnold Witold, RWE Power AG, Germany
11:00 am The Low Tempeature (80-120 oC) Carnot Battery and its Potential for the Integrated Energy System
  Joachim Karthäuser, Climeon, Sweden
11:30 am C O F F E E  B R E A K
12:00 pm First Experimental Results of a Thermally Integrated Carnot Battery Using a Reversible Heat Pump / Organic Rankine Cycle
  Olivier Dumont, University of Liége, Belgium
12:30  pm Thermal Energy Storage for a Net (NearlyNet) Zero Carbon Energy Future
  Yulong Ding, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
1:00 pm L U N C H
2:00 pm BatMarines
  Andreas Class, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2:20 pm Efficiency of a Carnot Battery with Horizontal Flow Packed Bed Thermal Storage
  Michael von der Heyde, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
2:40 pm Design and built of a first laboratory CHEST system
  Thilo Weller, German Aerospace Center, Germany
3:00 pm Techno-Economic Assessment of a Combined Power-to-Heat-to-Power Energy Storage Coupled with a District Heating System
  Sven Stark, University of Stuttgart, Germany
3:20 pm High Performance Carnot Batteries Based on Hybrid Cycles
  Pau Farres-Antunez, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
3:40 pm C O F F E E  B R E A K
4:00 pm Carnot Battery for an Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Application - Case Study, Comprehensive Modelling and Considerations for a Pilot Installation
  Vaclav Novotny, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
4:20 pm Development and Simulation of a High-Temperature Heat Pump Based on the Reverse Brayton Cycle
  Göksel Özuylasi, German Aerospace Center, Germany
4:30 pm 100-GWh Heat Storage with Crushed Rock and Oil or Nitrate Salt Heat Transfer for Heat Generating Systems and Carnot Storage
  Charles Forsberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
4:40 pm Dynamic Simulation of a Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage System: Validation und Use Case
  Kai Knobloch, Hamburg University of Technolgy, Germany
4:50 pm Adsorption Heat Storage: State of the Art and Future Perspectives
  Salvatore Vasta, Italian National Research Council, Italia
5:00 pm Applications of Thermal Energy Storage for Grid Electric Storage
  Zhiwen Ma, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
5:30 pm C L O S I N G  F O R  T H E  D A Y

*Central European SUMMER Time (CEST)


WEDNESDAY, September 16, 2020
9:00 am O P E N I N G
9:30 am Heat Storage at High Temperatures When Producing Glass: Industrial Practice and New Ideas in the Context of Energy transition
  Bernhard Fleischmann, Hüttentechnische Vereinigung der Deutschen Glasindustrie e.V.  (HVG)
10:00 am Experimental Results and Modelling of a Grid-scale Pumped Heat Energy Storage Demonstrator
  Andrew Smallbone, University of Durham, United Kingdom
10:30 am Decarbonization of Coal-Fired Power Plants With Carnot Batteries - Results From a Feasibility Study on Decarbonization of the Chilean Power Sector
  Michael Geyer, German Aerospace Center, Germany
11:00 am Experimental Results for a Medium-scale Rock Bed Thermal Energy Stoarge
  Kurt Engelbrecht, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
11:30 am C O F F E E  B R E A K
12:00 pm Numerical Study of Metal-based Micro Encapsulated Phase Change Material for High-temperature Heat Storage System
  Hiroaki Koide, Hokkaido University, Japan
12:20 pm Research on a Carnot battery and a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Cycle in KIER
  Junhyun Cho, Korea Institute of Energy Research, South Korea
12:40 pm Malta Pumped Heat Electricity Storage (PHES) for Coal Exit and Energy Transition from Fossil to Renewable Energie
  Benjamin Bollinger, Malta Inc., United States
1:00 pm L U N C H
2:00 pm High-temperature Storage with Liquid Metals – Design of a Prototype Storage System and Material Testing
  Klarissa Niedermeier, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2:20 pm Thermodynamic Design and Optimisation of Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage (PTES) Systems Based on Transcritical Rankine Cycles
  Yongliang Zhao, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
2:40 pm Heat Transformation and Storage Facility – Efficiency Enhancement of  Transcritical CO2 Heat Pump by Coupling to Adsorption Unit and Storage Integration
  Ferdinand Schmidt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
3:00 pm Low Temperature Pumped Thermal Energy Storage with Kalina Cycles
  Antoine Koen, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
3:20 pm Power-to-Heat Integration in Brayton Battery: Increasing System Cost Efficiency and Flexibility
  Sergej Belik, German Aerospace Center, Germany
3:40 pm C O F F E E  B R E A K
4:00 pm Role of High Temperature Carnot Batteries in Sector Coupling
  Louisa Schmeken, Steinmüller Engineering, Germany
4:20 pm DOE's Energy Storage Grand Challenge and the Integration of Energy
  Briggs White, US Departement of Energy, United States
4:40 pm Where are the Carnot Batteries? A Discussion on the Design Decisions that Influence Technology Deployment
  Adrienne Little, Malta Inc., USA
17:00 C L O S I N G